About B-HERO

About B-HERO

Who We Are.

The Behavioral Health in Education: Resources and Opportunities (B-HERO) Technical Assistance Center is a collaboration between the Central Regional Education Association and the North Dakota Department of Human Services, Behavioral Health Division. 

Initiated in January 2021, B-HERO was created to support Behavioral Health Resource Coordinators (BHRCs) in all public, private, and tribal schools throughout North Dakota. The B-HERO Team is composed of educators and advocates passionate about behavioral health in schools, and informed by a multitude of statewide organizations and entities that share our mission and vision. With a proven track record of building and administering successful programs like Trauma Sensitive Schools and North Dakota’s Social Emotional Learning Network, B-HERO is here to help address the challenges that school staff, students, and communities face every single day.

B-HERO serves as a connection for the community of Behavioral Health Resource Coordinators (BHRCs) across North Dakota with the focus of building knowledge, sharing expertise, highlighting successes, and problem-solving perceived barriers. We provide technical assistance; promote endorsed programs, services, and networking opportunities; and share weekly messages with BHRCs filled with evidence-based content covering the behavioral health topics that are most important to today’s educators.

What We Do.

Why We Do It.

At B-HERO, we believe that understanding the behavioral health needs of students is the first step toward building healthier, happier schools and communities. North Dakota schools designate one individual to serve as Behavioral Health Resource Coordinator (BHRC)–and we know that vetting and curating behavioral health resources is a huge undertaking for one person. So, B-HERO is here to help streamline evidence-based, best-practice resources and opportunities to BHRCs so that they can focus on what really matters: ensuring their school communities have what they need to succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Behavioral Health Resource Coordinator?

Each North Dakota school designates one individual to serve as the Behavioral Health Resource Coordinator (BHRC) in their building. This individual is reported in the STARS MiSO2 report that schools complete annually. The BHRC is the point of contact that B-HERO utilizes within each school building to disseminate evidence-based, best-practice resources and opportunities for schools to engage with.

What is the role of a Behavioral Health Resource Coordinator?

Behavioral Health Resource Coordinators serve as a direct point of contact between B-HERO and their school community. Once they receive resources from B-HERO, we hope that they READY – SET – SHARE!

READY. Read and evaluate the resources provided by B-HERO.
SET. Decide who in the school community could benefit from these resources.
SHARE. Distribute content to accelerate the conversation around behavioral health in your community.

Triaging the target audience of each resource and disseminating them accordingly (B-HERO helps with this!)
Establishing a teaming structure around the resources

Who is the Behavioral Health Resource Coordinator in my school?

To find out who the Behavioral Health Resource Coordinator is in your school,

Click the Link to NDDPI's Data Page Below
Select “School Directory Contact Information”
Download the Excel spreadsheet
Select the Behavioral Health Resource Coordinator tab and scroll to locate your school.


I am the Behavioral Health Resource Coordinator, but I don’t receive any emails.

Congratulations! We are so glad you are here. Please Contact Us so we can help you get connected.

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I am an administrator. How do I change my Behavioral Health Resource Coordinator?

As an administrator, you can change the designation of your Behavioral Health Resource Coordinator by doing the following:

Log into STARS
Scroll to the bottom: School Directory Contact Information
Look under positions: Behavioral Health Resource
Click on the name:

This information can be updated at any time, although the best practice is to do so at the beginning of each school year. Make sure you check yearly to ensure all contact information is up to date!

For further assistance in changing your Behavioral Health Resource Coordinator, please Contact Us at bhero.crea@k12.nd.us.

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My colleague receives B-HERO's weekly messages containing great information. Can I receive those messages, too?

We are delighted to hear that your colleague has been receiving the resources we curate and disseminate each week and that the resources are useful. One person from each ND school has been designated the role of Behavioral Health Resource Coordinator (BHRC). B-HERO targets these school contacts. We would recommend connecting with your BHRC to determine their current teaming structures within your school building, and to assist in finding the best way to disseminate resources that serve your school community as a whole.